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Block: Gallery

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Gallery blocks have two settings: the number of columns, and whether or not images should be cropped. The default number of columns is three, and the maximum number of columns is eight.

Below is a three column gallery at full width, with cropped images.

Some more text for taking up space.

A two column gallery, aligned to the left.

In the editor, the image captions can be edited directly by clicking on the text.

If the number of images cannot be divided into the number of columns you have selected, the default is to have the last image(s) automatically stretch to the width of your gallery.

A four column gallery with a wide width:

A five column gallery with normal images:

This is the same gallery, but with cropped images.

Six columns: does it work at all window sizes?

Seven columns: how does this look on a narrow window?

Eight columns:

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