Hello! I'm Lorant and I will help you

grow your small business
with an awesome* website

*clean, user-friendly, easy to maintain, fast, integrates perfectly with your sales and marketing process; designed to make your business profitable.

About you

As a business owner, it's quite a challenge to choose the right partner for your website. I know you're on a tight budget, but you obviously don't want to compromise on quality. Together we can explore and find the right solution for you. I'd love to help you with the following steps in your journey:

1. Strategy

We choose the right tools and approach. Set measurable goals and define the processes to achieve them.

2. Development

The technical phase in your project, it's where the website is actually designed and built.

3. SEO

We take care of technical, on-page SEO to make sure we set a solid foundation for better search engine rankings.

4. Performance

Visitors won't tolerate a slow website. We make sure that performance is there for the best possible user experience.

5. Maintenance

A website is an ongoing project. Managing updates, adding new content, small improvements.

About me & my work

I've been building websites since 2008, my experience is a mixture of design, development and marketing.
Currently I'm a Product Owner at Thrive Themes. Beside contributing to the best visual content and theme editors for WordPress, I also help small business owners build and maintain their websites. Aaand I have some of my own side-hustles too.
I listed some of the recent projects I worked on below.


I'm always interested in working on new projects. The best way to start a conversation is to fill out the form below.